Since 2011, Brick Cave Media™ has been publishing some of the best Science Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry and assorted other genres. As we have grown, we have realized that we needed to have a place for those that have read the books, met the authors and become fans to come together and celebrate their fandom. We needed a book club.

And here you are.

It's all about the Books!

The BC Book Club- Your Connection to the Authors, Books, Events and Benefits of being a fan of Brick Cave Books. This site, and our imprint, are owned by Brick Cave Media, LLC. We publish 3-6 titles a year, and with a membership in the Book Club, you automatically get notified with each new book- BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE. Before the reviewers and before the general public. Depending on the level you join at, you get a discount of increasing awesomeness.

Meet the PEOPLE Behind the Books!

Books are written by Authors, and ours are some of the best in the business. People like Sharon Skinner, Colette Black (both pictured above), Scott Woods, Bruce Davis and more all work with Brick Cave Media to produce the best books available. As a Book Club Member at the "Sapphire Dragon" or "Diamond Dragon" levels, you get access to them through AMA chats right here on the BC Book Club site. At any level of membership, you get access to a great interactive forum to share your discussion on the Author or books you want to talk about.

Authors such as Sharon Skinner, Scott Woods, J.A. Giunta, Bruce Davis and many more connect with their fans through the BCBookClub Portal.

We Get Around

As a small press, we rely on our touring schedule to meet new readers and reach new fans. And as a member of the BC Book Club, you get access to exclusive Meet and Greets and other in person benefits when you come see us.


Joining is easy, just select your level from the menu above, fill out the corresponding form, and you are on your way to being a part of the Book Club . . . of Awesome!