This is the community site for Brick Cave Media, a publisher based in Mesa, AZ. We publish Science Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry and assorted other projects. We have been publishing since 2011, although we have been doing a number of other things going back to 2006. You can learn more about that on our main website, or on our very in Wiki.

How Does This Work?

The club itself is pretty simple. There are three membership levels, one free, two paid. All members, regardless of tier level, will receive the Brick Cave Dispatch, our email newsletter. In addition, with the release of each new title, members will receive a limited opportunity to pre-order the book. The advanced notice (and discount amount) depend on the level of membership outlined below. Brick Cave Media offers three tiers of club membership, with each tier having benefits associated with it, including:

Benefit BC Book Ruby Dragon Member BC Sapphire Dragon Member BC Diamond Dragon Member
 Monthly Investment $0.00 Free  $5.00/Month  $10.00/Month
New Release Title Discount (If Ordered Via Email Invitation) 15% off retail 40% off retail + Free Shipping 70% off retail + Free Shipping
Invitation Email to Order Signed Copy of Each New Release  Launch Day 15 Days before Launch Day 30 Days before Launch Day Login Credentials  X X X Discount 10% 25% 40%
Forum Access  X X X
Event Photo Galleries Access X  X X
BC Virtual Book Club (and the BC Book Box) Access   X X
"Bookworm" Forum, Exclusive Access   X X Discount Applied to "Appearance Purchases"   X X
Social Chat with Other Members   X X
New Title "Marketing Materials"   X X
BC Book Club Audio Access   X X
AMA Author Chat Events   X X
BC Book Club Video Access     X
Annual Brick Cave Social Access     X


More Details:

Member New Book Advance Discount

Before the release of each new book from Brick Cave Media, depending on the member's level, we will give them an opportunity to purchase the book for a discount. The notice gives the member a 7 day opportunity to purchase the book at their member level discount. Following that opportunity, the member still receives their level store discount if they choose to purchase that title. All books ordered through any level in the program using the advance discount are signed by the author.

Advance Order Period

Members will receive the notice to order at the pre-order discount at the designated number of days based on their level, ie. an Eager Believer member will receive their advance notice 15 days prior to the "Launch Day" designated by Brick Cave Media, LLC. They will have a 7 day window to place their order and receive the discounted price offer.

Login Site Credentials

Upon completing the designated interest form and payment process as needed depending on level, the new member will be emailed a user name and password to begin using the site. Book Discount

The member will receive a discount in the designated percentage, on any purschases made through, the official store of Brick Cave Media LLC. Discount Applied to "Appearence Purchases"

Members receiveing this benefit will be able to shop at any vending appearence by Brick Cave Media, LLC. and receive the same discount. This discount will apply in addition to any other discounts offered at the vending appearence. For an official list of appearences, check the Brick Cave Media Calendar.

Forum Access, Standard

Standard access allows the member to access the forums, post and replay in conversations in accourdence with the Brick Cave Forum Policy. 

Event Photo Gallery Access

Members receiving this benefit have access to view event photo galleries created from each event Brick Cave (or it's authors that share their photos with us) appears at.

Bonus, “BookWorm Forum”

An exclusive forum for "Eager Believer" and "Investor" members, this forum serves as a promotional announcement avenue for those member levels.

Social Chat with other Members

"Eager Believer" and "Investor" members have access to a chat application, allowing them to chat with other members in real time.

New Title “Marketing Materials”- Poster, Bookmark, etc.

Members receiving this benefit receive, in addition to their pre-ordered book, copies of accompanying promotional materials that Brick Cave has designed for the book, including posters, bookmarks and other materials. Not evey campaign will have the same materials and not all materials will not be availabl at the time of launch.

BC Book Club Audio Access

Members with this benefit will receive access to listen to audio posted to the site, including exclusive podcast audio, historical audio and other recordings.

AMA Chat Events with Authors

Members with this benefit will be able to register for and participate in group "Ask Me Anything" chat sessions with Brick Cave Authors, staff and more.

BC Book Club Video Access

Members with this benefit receive exclusice access to video available on the site, including films, interviews and other works.

Annual Meet & Greet Access

Members with thsi benefit are invited to an exclusive meet and greet held annually with Brick Cave Authors and Staff.