The BC Book Club Virtual Book Chat is the chance for Sapphire Dragon and Diamond Dragon Members of the BC Book Club to talk about their favorite Brick Cave Books with other readers.

Moderated by Brick Cave PSE Bob Nelson, this virtual meeting will do a deep dive into one of Brick Cave's released titles.

But wait, there's more...

About 4 weeks prior to each virtual meeting, readers will receive the Brick Cave Box in the mail, containing everything they need for the virtual session, including:

  • A paperback copy of the book being discussed, signed by the BC Author of course.
  • A random Keurig cup, because everyone should have a nice drink while on the session.
  • A as-yet-undertmined extra item. Could be anything- might be useful or it might be getting re gifted at the holidays to the relative you only see at the holidays.

It's Fun, and informal

Bob promises to keep the tone light and the discussion lively as we examine the particular title across a number of areas.


OK, you're in, but when is the next one? And what book are we talking about?

Chat Day- Saturday, July 10, 2021. 10am-11am MST (AZ Time)

Must be a Sapphire Dragon or Diamond Dragon member in good standing by June 5, 2021 to get in the box line and receive the Virtual Event information. All you have to do is sign up for the respective membership level of your choice and we'll take care of the rest (like making sure you want the box and sending it to you with the event information).

And, we'll be talking about:

For centuries, dragons fought to rule all. Driven by rage, corrupted by darkness, they were a scourge of fire and fury that would not abate. Only humans stood in their way, a brave few in each generation born with magic. Wardens, who used their power to protect life and fight back against the dragon menace. But the dragons were cunning and used guile to destroy their enemy from within.

When the Wardens fell, the world fell with them.

Without their protectors, humanity was hunted to the ends of Eralle and eventually to extinction. Cities burned beneath the onslaught, along with every forest in between. Trees wilted into ash and did not grow back. Food became scarce, life even scarcer. Older dragons chose to hibernate, while the rest were forced to scavenge or turn on one another.

All seemed lost, until a young dragon came upon a human egg, fashioned by Warden magic. Inside lay a promise of renewal, a chance at redemption. A gift of hope that might become…

…the Warden’s legacy.