It really has been a busy time for us here in the Brick Cave. As we start staring down the end of the year and looking ahead- what is on the drawing board?


Publishing is Busier than Ever

On the book side, you have obviously heard about Return to Anoria, the next book from Sharon Skinner. The pipeline is pretty full of titles for the forseeable future, with new books from Scott Woods, Adam Marsh, Marcus Campbell, Bill Campana and more all close to release, and titles from J.A. Giunta and Colette Black also making their way through the process. Sharon and I are working diligently ion a new Tavara Tinker release as well. And that's just new new stuff.

Hard Bound editiona of The Healer's Legacy and Platinum Magic are now out and about- we encourage you to pick one up from your local bookstore. Expect The Last Incarnation soon, followed by a progressive release of most of Brick Cave's catalogue over the next year.

In whaty is sure to make A LOT of people excited, Healer's is now in audio book production, witht he fantastioc Bree Welch being the narrator of that great title. Platinum just went out for audition as well, so we'll have that out by the end of the year. More will follow.

September 30th marks the close of this quarter's Submission Period, and we are excited to say we have had a great 3 months of submissions- who know what the future will hold for stories and such.

As you can see, Publishing is just gettiung bigger.

But Wait, There's More . . .

We have BIG plans for the Book Club as well- it's been a great 7 months of work getting off the ground and building the foundation for the things to come, including...

Upgrade the interface. Come January, we are going to add many more interactiive elements to the site, and give our members a much bigger interactive space. We think you'll be excited to see what we have in store.

My personal "To-Do", Video. So, one of the reasons that we have not been so aggressive on the video production side is because we did not have a platform to allow BC Book Club Diamond Members the opportunity to engage with video the way we had originally envisioned. Just put into Beta a test and I think we will also have THAT fixed come January as well. That's actually going to put us a couple years AHEAD of our longer term plan.

SomeThings will Fade Away

We have been ALL. OVER. SOCIAL. in 2020. In September alone, we have had 400+ social "touches" across 13+ social networks. Clearly, fo a one guy show most of the time as we are, that ius pretty unsustainable in a longer term, but 2020 has served as a great way to see whatr networks are worth keeping, and continueing to invest time and rescources in, and which ones are not. Everyone, including Facebook and Twitter has been on the table to see iof the return on investment is work it- and I think I have a much clearer picture of which networks are the best for reaching our audfience and building our brand.

I am not quite ready to say who is voted off the island quite yet, but stay tuned right here and you'll find out. I can tell you, is in, it is my one irrational indulgence for art. :)

There is always more, but the gods of SEO and Attention Span Measurement tel;l me I hjave gone on too long already, so please just get ready to support the upcoming Pitch, make sure you are a member, and get ready for a great 2021 ride.

-  Bob